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Rapid growth was fueled by railroad contracts, obtained by the company when the Pennsylvania Railroad was under construction in the Lancaster County PA region. When Edward retired, the company split up and son Charles formed C.L. Myers and set up business in Coatesville PA. 

Charles’ son Leroy joined his father by working in the water well drilling company which eventually became known as Lee Myers and Sons.


Continuing the tradition, Leroy’s son Barry became a well driller, actually forming his own company, B.L. Myers and Sons, at age 18.  Today, his brother Gregg, and son David, operate B.L. Myers Bros. companies along the east coast, specializing in environmental, municipal, and residential drilling plus pump water conditioning installations. David and Gregg represent the fifth and fourth generations of the Myers drilling family and the sixth is in place with Dane, working in the pump division.


B.L. Myers Bros. may have had its origins in the 1880’s, but today it is a highly evolved professional operation using the most up-to-date technology and state-of-the art equipment.


Going forward into the next years, B.L. Myers continues to focus on customer satisfaction, safety, and respect for the environment, installing geothermal water well systems, environmental monitoring well systems and residential water wells.  We also install and service all types of water well pumps, and water treatment systems.


The future begins now, in our 133rd anniversary year.

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